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Orthotics or Shoe Inserts 

3 D scan of your feet for custom made orthotics accepted by insurance companies
Properly made custom made orthotics


Directly from (OPMA) Ontario Podiatric Medical Association (Foot Specialists)

They state "Caution:  Not all orthotics are the same.  There are many companies and other providers who sell what they call "orthotics", but these shoe inserts are not much different from an off-the-shelf arch support. Arch supports push up against the arch and may provide some temporary or partial foot support, but they don't correct the problem and are not customized to your foot shape."  





Foot orthotics are "not" regulated devices (no governing body,) anyone can make/sell them, be concerned... BUT only "some" have extensive experience and training to perform the correct "non weight bearing arch capture position" that correctly identifies the natural FULL shape of your foot arch. How can a foam box, upward shaping pins or walking on a mat capture the correct arch when standing? (You should be asking which method is being used.) All the weight is flattening the foot! The result will look like an orthotic, it may feel like one but is a true mis-interpretation of your foot shape and is NOT providing full support, how could it be?  You would never accept purchasing dinner and receiving less than full portion, so why on earth would you settle for less than 100% support from your orthotics?  Request an orthotic consultation here.











Cynthia Chan D. Ch (foot specialist) states "Every week at least 1 person comes in complaining they had orthotics made elsewhere but were not helping and unfortunaltely the orthotic industry is NOT regulated as anyone can make them."

She states there are many improper techniques where some orthotic providers ask the patient to stand (which she notes is incorrect) on a mat or/and pins push up against the bottom of the foot (or foam box) which tries to capture the arch shape. The problem is standing up flattens much of the arch and wonders how a proper impression or shape be simulated that way? Also there's more to it. A thorough exam including measurements and watching the person walk is essential to finding out what "other" modifications the orthotic needs, not only the foot arch. 

3D scan of feet to make custom made orthotics

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Healthy Advantage Foot and Orthotic Clinic has been featured on TV, has a 5 star Google trust rating and has a 98% customer retention rate! Exceptional service in a sterile clean facility. Check with your insurance provider for coverage as many plans provide.

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Cynthia Chan, chiropodist, foot specialist, foot doctor

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See how properly casted and made orthotics can help with pain in feet, knees and back and also align your whole body

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