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Healthy Advantage Foot & (properly made) Orthotic Clinic

Cynthia has been helping to care for your foot and heel pain since 2005

"People started Googling orthotics near me, ingrown toenail clinic near me, Podiatrist near me and I started becoming the "foot clinic near me" girl!" Looking forward to meet you, Cynthia



Inside the treatment room, you won't inhale nail or skin dust normally associated with foot clinics but instead will breathe clean air with the help of our 6-STAGE FILTRATION & STERILIZATION PROCESS Six (6) distinct stages that remove particles including Viruses, Gases, Mold, Allergens, and Odors.

Address in video is not correct, we've moved to #208 - 3443 Finch Ave E (1 traffic light east of Finch & Warden south side in medical building)

Our Services

10 BIG Reasons To Call Us

1) A solid portion of our profits help children and families in need and YOU HELP by coming here!


2) Services covered!* By most health insurance plans.

3) Confidence! Have confidence knowing family doctors refer their own patients here.

4) IT'S A MATTER OF LIFE AND BREATH - Filing nails and skin (high speed) can cause irritating dust to enter your respiratory system, NOT HERE! We use the same air filtration process as hospitals removing even air born viruses  

5) Experience! 18 years of successful service & raving fans.

6) SAFETY** Properly cleaned, sterile tools & instrumentation.

7) Convenience! Same or next day appointments possible.

8) We Invest! Latest tools and technology used to increase comfort and efficiency for the customer.

9) Comfort! Most services have little to no discomfort.

10) We're Different! Unique and exclusive services not offered by all other foot care centers.





Best foot doctor in Scarborough Podiatrist

We also care for children's feet!

When children have pain in their feet it is never normal. Kids should be evaluated immediately if they have pain that lasts more than a few days, or that is severe enough to limit the their walking. Paying special attention to the concerns that you or your child has with their feet or legs is vital to their overall health, activity, and behavior.

Foot Massage


Services not covered by OHIP BUT most likely by most health insurance plans


Your feet are so important that you likely have coverage for these services under your private health insurance or benefits package through work. Simply check with your HR administrator regarding your plan coverage. Please note these services are not covered by OHIP. 

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